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Basic Attention Token

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Basic Attention Token
Participants can win BAT at 50% discount!

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Project Overview

BAT is a blockchain-based digital advertising platform that improves the efficiency of digital advertising, while blocking malvertisements (ads that install malware) and trackers. This platform improves communications between advertisers, publishers, and users. Advertisers pay publishers for services and users for attention with BAT tokens.



BAT is an open source, transparent, decentralized and efficient project that was first to develop a digital advertising platform in the blockchain industry. In addition, the team behind the BAT project is very strong. It has established a wide network of users, advertisers, and publishers, and is working on expanding partnerships. This project has a good token economy and an active ecosystem that makes BAT competitive in the market.

BAT is one of very few cryptocurrencies with a legit use case and working product. It is already positioned for mass adoption through its complementary product, Brave Browser with 5.5 million active monthly users within only a month of its release. Brave is available as a fast, free, secure web browser for your PC, Mac and mobile devices. It combines privacy with a blockchain-based digital advertising platform, and offers 3-6x faster browsing than other browsers. The built-in ad blocker prevents tracking and provides security protection with optimized data and battery performance. At the end of November, Brave browser reached 10.4 million Monthly Active Users. Through Brave, BAT will be used to pay content creators and publishers through tips by loyal fans and users will also earn BAT for viewing ads.


Rules & Instructions


The BAT MTO will follow a lottery and airdrop format for all users on Tokenprotocol.io that have passed KYC. Participants can buy MTO tickets with the STPT balance in their Blockzone.com account (referral balances are eligible).

The start time of BAT MTO will be 9:00pm EDT on December 13th and will run until 9:00pm EDT on December 15th or once all tickets are sold. The MTO event will automatically close once all the tickets are sold out or the count-down ends. The market price of BAT and STPT will be determined once the award claiming period begins. All STPT for ticket and award purchasing will be burned.

Lottery Award: There will be a total of 600 winning tickets sharing the $18,000 lottery pool. Participants will get a lottery number for each MTO ticket once purchasing is successful. Each lottery number is a 4-digit non repeated random number between 0 0 0 0 to 5 9 9 9.

Once the event closes, the system will draw a winning last digit to determine 600 winning tickets that each wins the opportunity to purchase $30 worth of BAT at a 50% discount (For example: If the winning last digit is 5, all tickets with 5 as the last digit will win).

Download Brave browser: To claim the award for winning tickets and share the $2,000 airdrop pool for losing tickets, participants must complete the steps below before the award claiming period begins:

1. Download the Brave browser using the unique link on the MTO event page: https://brave.com/tok944 

2. Login to the Blockzone.com account with the Brave browser and take a screenshot including the Brave browser and UID on the user center page 

3. Upload the snapshot to get verified

Award Claiming: Once the event closes and award claiming period begins, winning participants should claim the award with STPT balance (referral balance not eligible) and confirm the wallet address in MTO Dashboard before the award claiming deadline to receive award token. Failing to claim award before the deadline will result in losing all the award. No late claiming will be accepted.

Airdrop Award: Participants eligible for airdrop awards will automatically receive the token in their ETH wallet by the end of the award distribution date. Failing to submit ETH wallet will result in losing all the airdrop award.

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