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Project Overview

The OBSERVER is an innovative platform where individuals and private firms trade daily weather data. Anyone in the world can trade weather data that is collected by smartphones, mini weather stations, or automobiles, and receive obsr tokens as compensation. The quality of the collected data is verified through big data analysis technology. This allows the OBSERVER to create high-resolution weather data that has never been available before.





The OBSERVER is founded on the vision that “anyone can produce weather observations and purchase them at a reasonable price.” Weather observations are made worldwide on a timely basis, with data being made available to the public without government interference. Big data technology allows for a systematic data management, while blockchain platform enables a transparent data exchange. To achieve this goal, the OBSERVER collects data, conducts quality control and develops standards for data transactions. 

Unlike public and industry weather services that require large initial investments in sophisticated instruments, crowdsourcing enables individuals and private firms to make their own observations at any place and time. Weather observation is already an indispensable part of people’s daily lives. For example, a person can measure air temperature or pressure by using his/her smartphone and share the data online. In other words, without any expensive instrument or expertise, individuals can measure meteorological conditions and instantly send out their data via worldwide cable and wireless networks. This may help overcome the limitations of existing public observation systems and inefficient data exchange platforms.




The OBSERVER ecosystem consists of data providers, buyers, and the OBSERVER foundation. Data providers send real-time observations to the OBSERVER foundation where observations are quality controlled with big data technology and processed into the database. Once verified, data providers receive payment in OBSERVER coin (OBSR), and buyers purchase the data with OBSR. Since the OBSERVER foundation accepts data from many different sources, quality control is critical. All data is subject to quality control by the OBSERVER foundation. Although this may seem different from the idea of a decentralized blockchain platform, it is a necessary move to ensure data quality. Buyers of historical and real-time weather data could be individuals, companies or government. Customers, like weather service providers, can process OBSERVER’s data to offer real-time information on urban weather. Weather information obtained from automobiles can be directly applied to automobile

navigation systems. By combining OBSERVER’s data with AI technology (e.g., IBM’s Watson and Google’s deep learning algorithm), weather service providers can make hyper-local short-range weather forecasts.

Daily observations can be also purchased by government agencies in agriculture, energy, disaster prevention and public services. Among others, the data archived in the OBSERVER foundation can be useful for local governments looking to develop smart cities. Airlines and ship routing companies can take great advantages of OBSERVER’s real-time weather data as well. Airlines can use OBSERVER’s data to check airport weather and monitor clear air turbulence.

As for ship routing companies, they can monitor real-time weather and marine conditions with OBSERVER’s data. As the observer's business expands, various observers participate in the world and real-time data related to the world's weather is collected in the observer. In addition to the platform business to purchase and use collected weather information, the Observer Foundation can provide data suitable for the use of various individuals, companies and buyers such as retail, leisure, energy, airline business, and autonomous driving business. We will further invest and improve our data collection,analysis, and processing technologies.

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