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ALITA Airdrop

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ALITA Airdrop
Depositing on Blockzone starting from 10 STPT and win up to $201.5 worth of ALITA token!

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Project Overview


Alita is the world’s first decentralized big-data computing project for android devices. Alita capitalizes idle computing resources by establishing a new benefit distribution mechanism, and realizes the value of android device computing power through it’s token economic of cloud computing platform.

Rules & Instructions

All users who complete the STPT deposit and staking tasks are eligible to earn ALITA awards that will total $1,100 of awards. By the end of the event, the system will automatically check the STPT deposit or staking balance (*award balance will not be counted) of the participants before distributing airdrop award to eligible winners.

Task 1 — Deposit STPT on Blockzone ($0.5 in ALITA): Deposit on Blockzone starting from 10 STPT and answer a survey question.

Task 2 —Stake STPT on Blockzone ($1 in ALITA): Stake on Blockzone starting from 1,000 STPT and answer a survey question.


Windrop 1 ($100): Participants who have completed Task 1 (Depositing) can opt-in to a lottery pool for free. By the end of the event, the system will automatically draw ONE winner who wins $100 extra award in ALITA while ther losing participants can still receive the airdrop award from Task 1 ($0.5 in ALITA).

Windrop 2 ($100): By the end of the event, the system will automatically draw 5 winners who have completed Task 2 (Staking) to share a $500 exclusive award. Each winner will win $100 award in ALITA.

*Windrop Final Winners (UID):

Windrop 1: 


Windrop 2:






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