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Precium (PCM)

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Precium (PCM)
Participate and win up to $100 worth PCM token! (Maximum ticket per user: 10 Tickets)

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Project Overview


The Precium platform is a smart contract Commerce and Marketing platform based on Onyx Chain, a Hybrid blockchain that combines the advantages of a Private blockchain with a Public blockchain. There are two parties involved in the Precium Platform, the Template Creators and Platform Users. The Trmplate Creators provide a validated contract conditions or templates to Platform Users, and those users can easily build a new smart contract in the Onyx chain using the conditions provided by the Template Creators. In this process, the creators are rewarded for every time whenever the contract conditions are used.

Key Features

-  Hybrid blockchain, called Onyx Chain, which combines the advantages of the public and private blockchain.

-  A Precium platform which is a smart contract platform for peer-to-peer(P2P) transactions that allows users to create and use smart contracts simply and securely.

-  7render's which is an first use case of an Precium platform for influencer commerce platform that operates celebrities and mega influencers.


Rules & Instructions

1.    Participants will automatically win the award once purchasing is successful on a first come, first served basis. 

2.    The MTO event will automatically close once all the tickets are sold out or the count-down ends. 

3.    The market price of PCM token and STPT will be determined before MTO event starts.

4.    Once the event closes and Award claiming period starts, winning participants should claim the award and confirm the wallet address to receive award token in MTO Dashboard before the Award Claiming Deadline. Failing to claim award before the deadline will result in losing all the award. No late claiming will be accepted.

5.    All STPT for MTO ticket purchase will be burned and will not be refunded.

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